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The legend of the "last great pirate" Jose Gaspar is a 200 year old mystery with secrets left to be told and treasures still to be found. When, 15 year old, Gabriel Fletcher is suddenly given a priceless gold ring from a dear old friend, he quickly discovers the ring is a key to unlocking that ancient mystery. However, Gabriel's friend is soon discovered dead in his home and the men Gabriel believes are to blame are now chasing after him. With the ring in his hand and mysterious men on his trail, Gabriel is faced with a choice to pursue the dangerous treasure hunt or disappear and stay alive. Deciding to pursue the mystery and leave all that he has ever known behind, he soon becomes the new kid in a new school. This is where a friendship quickly develops between Gabriel, the socially awkward Nathan, and his beautiful twin sister Lisa. The unpopular Nathan could use a friend and Gabriel could use some help. Before they know it, the friends are finding clues, decoding ciphers, and exploring exciting and adventurous locations throughout Florida. All the while, they are still being pursued by powerful men that also have old ties to the lost treasure of Gaspar. The men have the resources, the money, and the will to do anything to get what Gabriel has but it may be Nathan's sister Lisa who has to pay the ultimate price unless Gabriel and Nathan can solve the mystery first. The places are real, the history is true, but the legend of Jose Gaspar still needs to be discovered and Gabriel Fletcher just might be the one to do it.